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Level 50 Templar VR 13 (Almost 14) | Epic and Legendary Geared | VR1 NightBlade Alt


Gold on Account: 2200 Warhealer is trained in smithy , wood working, clothing, max level vampire, account is beta access account, all Rewards claimed( account age fluff pets).

All points are in class lines and most skills are morphed and trained up.

Gear is hand crafted purple/gold with magicka and fire resist attachements.

Warhealer can DPS or Heal trials very easily. Trained but no skills into hvy armor, 2h, shield and sword, bow.

Trained and skill points set in light armor/restoration/destruction staves.

Khali the pride leader is setup for PVP as a V1 bow/dual daggers NB

Warhealer is a V13 primary healer off dps Templar

Account has been active since Open Beta and is in good standing.

Alternate Characters-Click Image to Change Armory:

Lvl 50
Khali the Pride Leader
Lvl 50