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Level 110 Human Mage | Item Level: 860 | BiS Legendary Ring: Shard of the Exodar | Secure Account Package & Lifetime Warranty | Free Month of Game Time & Character Boost | READY 2 PLAY NOW!


We all know just how fun Blizzard's favorite class can me (we're pretty sure every Blizz developer plays a Mage :P). At high gear levels, they are currently are leading the pack in DPS and are most certainly one of the most fun classes to play! This character features a pre-Mythic item level of 860 and also has the legendary Shard of the Exodar!

TGS prides itself on its ability to offer premium characters while not sacrificing security and quality. This account will provide you with everything you need in order to get started in the game and there's no more fun class to play!

Overall if you're looking for an account that will offer you the ability to experience the huge amounts of content that has been introduced with the Legion expansion and don't want to have to worry about choosing a class that will get nerfed, this is the perfect option for you! Buy now and fight your way towards Gul'dan today!

Artifact Weapon: Rank 27 | Level 25 Research