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  • 895
  • average item level
    (891 equipped )
    • Illidan (US)
    • Level
    • 110
    • Achievement Points
    • 12650
    • Health: 3009900
    • 1100000
    First Aid:
    • Base
    • Melee
    • Ranged
    • Spell
    • Defense
    • Strength: 4403
    • Agility: 9032
    • Stamina: 50165
    • Intellect: 40374
    • Spirit: 0
    • Mastery: %13.57
    • Haste Rating: 6954
    • Mastery Rating: 5847
    • Resilience: None
    • Battleground Rating
    • 2v2 Rating
    • 3v3 Rating
    I wish only to serve.

    Account Description

    Amani War bear, both old ZG mounts, Plagued Proto-Drake and tons of other no longer available and rare mounts!

    Shaman Earned season 7 Gladiator with Relentless Gladiator's Frost Wyrm, (learned and also still in bank!), TONS of PvP tabards including Relentless Gladiator's Tabard, Tabard of Brute Force, Competitor's Tabard and Wrathful Gladiator's Tabard! Check the Bank/Inventory Tabs for full listing of goodies!

    Amazingly nice with tons of old school achievement, current well-geared characters and also has lots of hearthstone cards as well!

    Notable Mounts (33)
    Plagued Proto-Drake Meta Raid Reward from "Glory of the Raider" no Longer Available Achievement
    Swift Razzashi Raptor Old School ZG Super Rare and no longer Obtainable Mount
    Amani War Bear The Original Beastly Amani Bear Rare and no longer available!
    Ashes of Al'ar 0.01% drop from Kael'thas in Tempest Keep
    Vitreous Stone Drake Rare Drop from Rare Spawn in Stonecore and Awesome Looking Drake!
    Ironbound Proto-Drake Meta Raid Reward for Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 man)
    Grove Warden Quest reward from Archimonde Heroic Drop
    Experiment 12-B Rare Drop from Ultraxion
    Flametalon of Alysrazor Rare Drop from Alysrazor in Firelands
    Smoldering Ember Wyrm Rare Drop from Nightbane Karazhan 2.0 Zone: Return to Karazhan
    Fiery Warhorse Rare Boss Drop from Attumen
    Swift Zulian Tiger No longer available drop from High Priest Thekal in original TZ
    Rivendare's Deathcharger Old School Baron drop in Stratholme
    Vicious Skeletal Warhorse Character only PvP Reward Mount
    Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher Meta Raid Reward from Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 man)
    Vicious War Raptor Character only PvP Reward Mount
    Core Hound Defeated Ragnaros during WoW 10th Anniversary Celebration.
    Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher Meta Raid Reward for Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 Man)
    Swift Brewfest Ram
    Bronze Drake
    Red Proto-Drake
    Swift Lovebird
    White Polar Bear
    Albino Drake
    Black Drake
    Grand Black War Mammoth
    Great Brewfest Kodo
    Twilight Drake
    Bone-White Primal Raptor
    Raven Lord
    Dark Phoenix
    Kor'kron Annihilator
    Grinning Reaver
    Notable Pets (7)
    Spirit of Competition
    Iron Starlette
    Molten Corgi
    Mechanical Axebeak
    Notable Titles (11)
    Arena Master
    the Undying
    of the Horde
    the Immortal
    Savior of Azeroth
    the Argent Champion
    Destroyer's End
    the Kingslayer
    Legacy Achievements (8)
    Dual Talent Specialization
    Swift Flight Form
    Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich?
    You Are Not Your $#*@! Legplates
    I'm Your Number One Fan
    Proving Yourself: Bronze Damage
    Proving Yourself: Silver Damage
    You Are Not Your $#*@! Legplates
    Reward Achievements (24)
    Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart
    Lil' Game Hunter
    Petting Zoo
    Leading the Cavalry
    For The Horde!
    Brutally Dedicated
    Glory of the Hero
    Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player)
    Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 player)
    Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 player)
    Looking For Multitudes
    WoW's 4th Anniversary
    WoW's 5th Anniversary
    WoW's 9th Anniversary
    Grievous Combatant
    Primal Combatant
    WoW's 10th Anniversary
    Boldly, You Sought the Power of Ragnaros
    Fight for the Alliance
    Fight for the Horde
    Hatchling of the Talon
    WoW's 12th Anniversary