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Our armory is not completely upgraded for Battle for Azeroth and does not display current achievements or reputations. please Contact us to request the character's current battlenet armory. Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience.

  • 339
  • average item level
    (339 equipped )
    • Stormrage (US)
    • Level
    • 120
    • Achievement Points
    • 6890
    • Health: 108720
    • 116102
    Legion Engineering:
    Draenor Engineering:
    • Base
    • Melee
    • Ranged
    • Spell
    • Defense
    • Strength: 646
    • Agility: 998
    • Stamina: 5436
    • Intellect: 4196
    • Spirit: 0
    • Mastery: %16.10
    • Haste Rating: 778
    • Mastery Rating: 390
    • Resilience: None
    Thy will be done.

    Account Description

    120 Arcane Mage, Rare Mounts and unobtainables

    TGC mount included in account along with rare artifact hidden looks.
    has alot of "ahead of the curve" achv and brawler mounts

    Notable Mounts (50)
    Corrupted Fire Hawk Meta Reward for Glory of the Firelands Raider
    Pureblood Fire Hawk -- -- Rare boss drop from Ragnaros, the Fire Lord!
    Magic Rooster Very Rare Trading Card Game Loot
    Bloodfang Widow Cost: 2,000,000 Gold Spider Mount, Spider Mount, Does whatever a spider mount does!
    Mimiron's Head 0.01% SUPER Rare Drop from Alone in the Darkness (Yogg-Saron 0 Keepers)
    Ashes of Al'ar 0.01% drop from Kael'thas in Tempest Keep
    Cindermane Charger Recruit a Friend Mount Warlords of Draenor
    Blacksteel Battleboar Guild Reward for Completion of Meta Achievement Glory of the Draenor Raider
    Heart of the Aspects Awesome Looking Blizzard Store Mount $25
    Grove Warden Quest reward from Archimonde Heroic Drop
    Flametalon of Alysrazor Rare Drop from Alysrazor in Firelands
    Fathom Dweller Underwater Rare Mount drop from Kosumoth the Hungering
    Headless Horseman's Mount Rare Mount from Hallow's Eve Event
    Orgrimmar Interceptor 2017 Blizzcon Mount
    Stormwind Skychaser 2017 Blizzcon Mount
    Swift Zhevra No longer available Refer a Friend Mount
    Drake of the West Wind Coolest Looking Drake!
    Spawn of Horridon Rare Drop from Rare Spawn Horridon
    Winged Guardian $25 Blizzard Store Mount
    Dread Raven Warlords of Draenor Collection's Edition Mount
    Spectral Steed
    Mystic Runesaber Blizzard Store Mount $25
    Coalfist Gronnling Rare Warlords of Draenor Drop -- Bigger, Uglier Poundfist!
    Soaring Skyterror Reward for Meta-achievement : Draenor Pathfinder
    Armored Brown Bear
    Magnificent Flying Carpet
    Illidari Felstalker Legion Collector's Edition Mount
    Albino Drake
    Grand Expedition Yak
    Black Drake
    Celestial Steed
    Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
    Depleted-Kyparium Rocket
    Twilight Drake
    Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent
    Geosynchronous World Spinner
    Armored Bloodwing
    Bone-White Primal Raptor
    Brawler's Burly Mushan Beast
    Sky Golem
    Emerald Hippogryph
    Sandstone Drake Turns character into a Drake -- While in flight, you can carry another ally on your back like a vehicle.
    Iron Skyreaver $25 Blizzard Store Mount -- Ridable Chimaera!
    Dark Phoenix
    Warforged Nightmare
    Golden King
    Garn Nighthowl
    Trained Riverwallow
    Grinning Reaver
    Champion's Treadblade
    Notable Pets (5)
    Lil' Ragnaros
    Dread Hatchling
    Molten Corgi
    Viscous Horror
    Lil' Tarecgosa
    Notable Titles (9)
    Hellscream's Downfall
    Conqueror of Orgrimmar
    Storm's End
    Destroyer's End
    the Fearless
    the Kingslayer
    Savior of Azeroth
    Legacy Achievements (13)
    Cataclysmically Epic
    Cataclysmically Superior
    A Quick Shave (25 player)
    Mystically Superior
    Mystically Epic
    Savagely Superior
    Brokenly Superior
    Brokenly Epic
    Reward Achievements (5)
    Looking For Multitudes
    Hatchling of the Talon
    WoW's 12th Anniversary
    WoW's 13th Anniversary
    ...And Chew Mana Buns