The Game Supply

The Game Supply Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

We cover all accounts created by us via our Account security package against recall for the life of your ownership.

Any disputed character transfer or account "recall" that happens to your account to disrupt your gameplay, we will first try to address the situation with our resources and tools, and if your account is not able to be returned to you within 72 hours, we will let you pick another account, or offer a full credit in the amount of your original purchase.

Accounts must be left on the email created (with information you supply) at time of purchase. We do this so we can easily verify correspondence from game publishers and easily address any issue that might arise. Changing the email address on an account will void any warranty we offer.

Disclaimer: The email we create at the time of purchase will be monitored and should not be used for personal use.

This account security package is by far the best way we have found to secure accounts and make sure that our customers enjoy the full use of their purchase for as long as they own the account. For full details about what our Account Security Package includes please click here: Account Security Package.

Please note that any character purchase without this package will only be covered for 60 days from time of purchase. Accounts must be left on the email address selected at time of purchase for the life of this warranty.

To report an issue please email: [email protected]

A simple guarantee for a simple philosophy. We only buy from verified gamers, never a power leveling service that might at some future date recall the account. We purchase only from the player registered as owner of the account. After 8+ years in this market we have fine tuned our process so as to eliminate the issues that so often keep players from enjoying their purchases.

If you would like a demonstration of the verification process sellers go through in order to sell to us, please request this via live chat and we will be happy to demonstrate this for you before you make a purchase.

Live chat is available on site between the hours of 10am-10pm Eastern Standard time. (GMT-5).

This does not cover in game abuses, third party, economy exploitation, or other actions taken by Blizzard as a direct result of your actions. These are things we have no control over, and cannot be held accountable for these actions. This guarantee is not transferable to third parties and any attempts to sell or trade account will void this guarantee.