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For 2017, after a decade of operations, we decided to partner with Trustpilot to show just how much our customers enjoy working with us!

Everyone knows how important reviews from customers are. We read reviews to decide on so many things, every day. From where to dine, vacation or what new game to play, we're constantly researching to find the best.

The same goes for buying or selling an MMO account. While previously we've been satisfied to just receive a note on the wall on our business page at Facebook we wanted to take a more proactive approach going into our second decade of business to learn how we could more effectively assist our customers.

That is why we've partnered with Trustpilot, the industry leading customer review site, to help us gain insight into how better serve our customers. Below are some of the results:

Prior to 2017 people left us comments on Facebook --- The Good, the Bad & the Ugly--Real People Leaving Real Reviews on Facebook Here:

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